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Years operating

Lentokoulu Pirkanmaa Oy

Flight School Pirkanmaa Oy is a flight school founded by a long line of professionals, which is aimed at both novice pilots and those who want to improve their skills and competences up to instrument flight training and multi-engine training.

The training will lead to the Private Pilot License (PPL), which can be progressively extended to instrument rating, multi-engine and even commercial airlines.

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Personal and flexible training

We train private pilot licenses in small groups of 4-10 students with flexible schedules so that training can be done alongside work in the evenings and weekends.

Professional and safe

All of our people in charge and teachers are aviation professionals from different fields. Flight training takes place on the world's most common type of school aircraft, the Cessna 152 or, if you prefer, the Cessna 172, both of which are highly appropriate aircrafts for both training and hobby flying.

Tampere & Mikkeli

Our head office is located at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport, where we have been operating since 2009. Flight training is also possible at Mikkeli Airport.

An engineer and traffic pilot at the same time?

It is now possible to complete the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Automation Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) and ATPL certificate simultaneously.

It is possible to incorporate ATPL studies aimed at the flight license of Lentokoulu Pirkanmaa Oy as part of XAMK's electrical and automation engineering studies.