Lentokoulu Pirkanmaa


Erkki Järvinen



Jarkko Haukkala

Member of the Board and knife manufacturer at Iisakki Järvenpää Oy

Member of the Board

Tuomas Eskola

Head of Training, Principal Theory Instructor and Chief Flight Instructor VFR

Marko Rintanen

CPL trainer and examiner

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Lentokoulu Pirkanmaa Oy is a flight school founded by a long line of professionals, which is aimed at both novice pilots and those who want to improve their skills and competences up to instrument flight training and multi-engine training.

We train the private pilot license in small groups of 4 to 10 students with flexible schedules so that the training can be done alongside work in the evenings and weekends on the student's terms.

All of our members and teachers are aviation professionals from different fields. Theory training takes the form of classroom teaching. Flight training takes place on the world's most common type of school aircraft, the Cessna 152 or, if you prefer, the Cessna 172, both of which are highly appropriate aircrafts for both training and hobby flying. We also have the BA-28161 Warrior.

Training is also possible with the FNPT Simulator. The simulator is used for PPL basic instrument training and instrument flight training.

The training will lead to a Private Pilot License (PPL), from which you may wish to progress gradually to instrument rating, multi-engine airplanes or even as a commercial pilot.

In addition to the PPL, we provide the opportunity to complete inspection and refresher school flights.

We provide cruise IFR training (EIR) and full IFR flight training.

Our head office is located at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport, where we have been operating since 2009. Flight training is also possible at Mikkeli Airport

Erkki Järvinen

Responsible for aircraft maintenance and airworthiness, practical operation of the site, schedules and bookings.

Aircraft mechanic with nearly 50 years experience with aircrafts. He has accumulated experience as a service operations manager in business aviation companies as well as in theory training at various flying schools and commercial companies.

Jarkko Haukkala

Embraer 145 captain, Airline Pilot License (ATPL), flying experience of about 7,500 hours and 20 years of experience in various positions in commercial and commercial aviation. as Operations Director, Chief Pilot, Group Manager, Quality Manager, Training Manager, Theory Trainer and Type Flight Instructor (TRI). Knife manufacturer in Kauhava.

Tuomas Eskola

Responsible for the implementation of the company training as a whole and the level of flight training. Certified pilot, flight instructor. Has worked as a flight instructor in the operations of Lentokoulu Pirkanmaa Oy since its foundation. Most of the time he also worked as a Training Manager and a Master Flight Teacher.