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Private pilot license training

PPL (A) Individual Pilot License

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The aim of the PPL(A) course is to train the student to act as the commander on single-engine piston engine airplanes

PPL (A) training shall comprise a total of at least 45 hours of flight instruction.

Theoretical knowledge training for the PPL (A) course shall be at least 100 hours (á 60 min). Theoretical training can be entirely accomplished in close-range theory or as demonstrated video lectures. Theory training can also be conducted as distance theory. In this case, distance theory is 100 hours (English) and proximity theory 10 hours.

LAPL (A) Light aircraft license training

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LAPL (A) (Light Aircraft Pilot License, Aeroplanes) is a limited format of the PPL course. The purpose of the course is to train the student to act as commander on visual flight rules on single-engine piston engine landplanes with a maximum take-off mass of up to 2000 kg and carrying no more than four passengers.

The LAPL (A) training includes at least 30 hours of flight instruction.

Theory training for the LAPL (A) course will total a minimum of 100 hours (á 60 minutes). Theory training can be implemented in:

  1. Full proximity theory
  2. A combination of theory and video lectures
  3. Remote theories. In this case, there are 100 hours of distance theory in English and 10 hours in proximity theory.

PPL (H) Helicopter Pilot License Training

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Want to be a private pilot?

The Privat Pilot License PPL entitles you to fly an airplane (A) or helicopter (H) and to take with you, for example, friends and family. After the PPL, you may wish to progress to instrument rating, multi-engines or even a commercial pilots license.

More detailed descriptions of private pilot training can be found below.

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Qualification Training

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Age Requirement: You can start private pilot license training at the age of 16. You must be at least 17 years of age when applying for a license.

Medical Qualification: You must have been awarded a Medical Certificate before commencing your solo flight.